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SkagitCycle Service Department  

Skagit Cycle Center offers a wide array of services to get your bicycle back to peak condition. With almost one hundred years of combined experience in our service department, our mechanics are qualified to diagnose and fix any problem you may have. We realize time alone does not make someone the best at what they do, nor does it always give them the opportunity to learn new things. This is why we send our mechanics to the best technical schools available including the Barnett’s Bicycle Institute for Bicycle Mechanics, the United Bicycle Institute, and many more. It is with this education and experience that we are confident we can earn your business. So if you bought your bike from one of our stores or from someone else, look to us for your maintenance needs. 

For those home mechanics out there, Skagit Cycle Center is here for you. We stock a large variety of bike tools and small parts and we are always available to answer questions. Our technicians are also happy to give you a free and fair estimate if you’ve gotten in over your head.