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Sidi Dominator 10

Sidi Dominator 10
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Sidi's Dominator line has long been one of the more popular MTB kicks you'll find on the mountain, particularly in disciplines that ask for unwavering stiffness and power, and this year the brand is back to please again with its tenth iteration in the Dominator 10 Cycling Shoe. While the last has remained the same to keep fit true, the Dominator 10 features a host of new technology, including a dual Tecno 3 Boa system for minute adjustments to fit, and all-new Soft Instep 4 closure that reduces pressure to the instep, preventing foot-numbing pressure while you ride.

But thankfully not everything has changed — Sidi stays true to its roots with Microtech Microfibra uppers that are both supple and supportive, without packing in extra weight. These incredibly fine fibers act like a natural leather skin, but have advantages of increased strength, soft texture, and light weight. Being water-repellent, quick-drying, breathable, and permeable to water vapor, it's an ideal material for shoe uppers, and easier to clean than leather. Additionally, this material is resistant to stretching and deterioration from atmospheric agents. And to keep your feet from getting too warm, mesh inserts were added throughout the uppers. To cap it all off, the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, using only water-based products instead of solvents.

Sidi also continues using its MTB RS17 sole, which they report is lighter and better performing, constructed of a stiff nylon composite that efficiently puts power to the pedals. The tread inserts provide grip on a variety of surfaces and also facilitate mud dispersion. If you need some extra traction in particularly sloppy conditions, the sole is compatible with toe spikes. For those times when you miss a clip-in, the central insert works as a traction pad to help prevent slipping a pedal. Perhaps the most exciting update to the sole is that the toe insert is now replaceable via screws. Considering this area is subjected to more wear, especially when walking, this is a simple and inexpensive way to prolong the life of these already durable shoes.
Sidi's coveted MTB kicks get a makeover in their newest iteration
Microtech microfiber uppers are light, durable, and water-resistant
New Soft Instep 4 closure system reduces foot-numbing pressure
Two Tecno 3 dials enable micro-adjustments for dialing a flawless fit
Secure your foot in place with help from reinforced heel cup
Don't waste your efforts on flex with MTB RS17 nylon composite sole
Aggressive lugs improve grip for off-bike efforts