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$4,139.99 - $4,599.99 $4,599.99 Up to 10% Off
FAST. FLICKABLE. FUN. Our 140mm/150mm travel Primer trail bike is pure perfection…everywhere. The Primer 275 has all of the DNA of its bigger wheeled sibling, the Primer 29, but this time on nimble 27.5" wheels. You still get trail-flattening speed over any obstacle, both on tough climbs and technical descents, but the smaller wheels make the bike slightly more responsive and agile, and better suited to tighter trails. In short, the Primer is the ultimate all-round performance trail bike, whether you prefer 29" or 27.5" wheels. It could be the only mountain bike you’ll ever need.
CONFIDENCE THROUGH ANY TERRAIN. The core of our 951 Series calls upon our +25 years of knowledge and experience in designing new and ground-breaking products. Our continued world class development means that we create mountain bikes with confidence-inspiring handling and smooth riding characteristics all in an affordable package. Our high-quality foundational build kits give great functionality, and most importantly, great reliability for riders of all levels.
Intense have never done things by the book or followed the status quo. Marching to the beat of their own drum, Intense invited me to ride Chris Kovarik's personal Tracer 279 for a First Ride, well before it was ready to launch. Based on the First Ride impressions, the Tracer 279 was up to the tasks of pedaling the walls of Whistler and rallying the bike park too. Since July, the geometry and kinematics have changed slightly for the official launch, but the Tracer 279 maintains its 170mm of travel via the JS Tuned suspension and runs on mixed wheels only. Intense have also tweaked the carbon layup throughout the extensive prototyping process. This bike has been a long time coming. If you're a mixed wheel fan, the Tracer leaves little to be desired; in-frame storage, water bottle mounts, low mounted coil shock - the list is long. Frame Details Intense's latest enduro creation is a vast departure from the last Tracer in terms of looks, aside from the classic seat tube brace and collar. The new carbon frame uses two counter-rotating links, where the lower one pivots around the bottom bracket to drive the trunnion mounted shock through the split seat tube tunnel. Titanium hardware is used throughout the bike with rubber plugs that add to the attention to detail, and even the upper link is made from carbon fiber. Under the shock and inside the downtube, Intense has created its own storage solution, adding to the number of manufacturers incorporating an on board tool cabinet. They've dubbed the compartment the CHAD In-frame storage system in memory of their friend Chad Peterson. Protecting that area is a large rubber downtube pad that nearly runs to the head tube, similar to the material found on the chainstay to keep the noise levels to a minimum. Mainstays like fully guided housing, Boost hub spacing, ISCG tabs, and a threaded bottom bracket take the worry out of maintenance or mechanic work. There's also a sleek fender to keep debris out of the lower linkage and a hidden lever in the rear axle for tool-free wheel removal.
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