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CatEye BM-45 Bar End Mirror
The sleek and ultralight BM-45 bar end mirror easily attaches to drop and flat bars, making it perfect for all bikes. Constructed of aluminum and glass for durability and nearly distortion-free viewing, the BM-45 represents the height of handlebar mirror construction and design. Minimal projection from the bar means never having to sacrifice clean aesthetics for critical rear-view safety again.
Electra Chrome Mirror
Electra's Chrome Mirror not only looks great, it also offers a view of the road behind you, so it ramps up your bike's style and safety. Plus, mounting is easy with the included clamp.
Third Eye Eyeglass Mirror
This mirror clips to the temple piece of most Eye Glasses and Dark glasses. The mirror is 1 1/8 inches in diameter. The mirror is real glass and is shatter proof. The Eye Glass Mirror was invented because many riders were still not using helmets. We have a couple of sayings; "People that don't use helmets don't need them." and "A helmet protects your head but a mirror protects your whole body."
Third Eye Foam Helmet Mirror
The Foam Helmet mirror was invented because of the development of the Foam Helmet; helmets that don't have a hard outer shell or that have a microshell (very thin shell). The mirror and the arm are out of the same mold as the Eye Glass mirror (1 1/8 inch shatterproof glass mirror with an aluminized reflective backing). The mirror attaches to the rim of any type helmet. The Duel-Lock (like Velcro but much better) is attached to the rim of the helmet and the Duel-Lock on the mirror snaps on to it. The new attachment is a great improvement compared to Velcro (no vibration!).
Third Eye Helmet Mirror
This mirror clamps to the lip of Hard Shell helmets. The maximum opening of the clamp is approximately 1/2 inch. The original helmets all had a ridged outer shell and this mirror was designed to clamp to that outer shell. The clamp can also attach to the visors of many helmets. The glass mirror is 1 1/2 inches in diameter & it is laminated into the mirror shell making it shatterproof . This doesn't mean that it won't break. If you hit the glass with a hammer it will break --but the glass fragments will not come out of the plastic shell. The original mirrors were glass with the typical silvered backing. Some of our customers who live in places like Seattle, where if you don't ride in the rain you don't ride, would have the backing turn black around the edges. Also, riders that dripped perspiration into the mirrors lost the backing. We now use an aluminized reflective backing and the problem is solved.
CatEye Mirror MTB Left Hand
CatEye's handlebar-end mounted mirror is sturdy and sure to last through heavy duty riding. It's fully adjustable so you can comfortably see what's behind you. This scratch resistant mirror installs easily and gives a wide-angle view.
CatEye Mirror MTB Right Hand
This CatEye mirror features a heavy duty design that is lightweight and fully adjustable. The scratch-resistant mirror has a wide angle for easy viewing and is easy to install. - Right Hand mirror for mountain bike handlebars
CycleAware Heads Up Eyeglass Mirror
- Extreme flexibility allows for the best view angle - Built with safety in mind with no glass, exposed wire or sharp edges - Compatible with all type of glasses
Third Eye PRO Helmet Mirror
This Pro model is the result of 10 years of development of bicycle mirrors. It has adjustibility, flexibility, range, clairity and stability. It attaches to any helmet with an adhesive pad. If you need extra pads contact: The Third Eye. The Pro Helmet Mirror glues to the inner or outer surface of almost any helmet. It has a longer arm and a larger mirror and has extreme range of adjustments. The mirror and arm are detachable from the helmet. The shatter proof aluminized glass mirror will not discolor.
Mirrycle Original Mirrycle Mirror
The Original Mirrycle Mirror fits older style brake levers which use non-aero cable routing, as shown in the photo.
CycleAware Wingman Bar End Mirror
- Similar to the Urbie but without the riser bar - Perfect for the cyclist that wants a quick, easy rearview mirror at handlebar height - Easy installation and removal - Fits on handlebars with a 18-22mm inner diameter
Mirrycle Mirrycle Mirror
The Mirrycle mounts in minutes with the wrench that is included. The mirror is a 3" round, convex glass mirror with a wide field of view. The mirror is adjustable to any viewing angle. - Fits inside handlebars with 13.75mm – 22.5mm (.54" to .875") inside diameter
Electra Matte Black Mirror
Electra's Matte Black Mirror not only looks great, it also offers a view of the road behind you, so it ramps up your bike's style and safety. Plus, mounting is easy with the included clamp.
Electra Swirl Cruiser Handlebar Mirror
Add a touch of cool to your bike while increasing your riding safety. - Designed for Electra Fashion, Attitude, and Classic Cruiser models - Not compatible with the Townie collection - Can be adjusted for use on right- or left-hand side of handlebars - 10 cm wide x 6 cm tall x 10 cm long arm
Electra Wakey Wakey Cruiser Handlebar Mirror
Look back at it. Add a touch of cool to your bike while making each ride safer. Install, adjust, and cruise. It's that easy. Objects in mirror are more awesome than they appear. - Designed for our Fashion, Attitude, and Classic Cruiser collections - Dimensions of mirror: 10cm wide x 6cm tall x 10cm long arm
Mirrycle Road Mirror
The Mirrycle Road Mirror was developed exclusively to fit Shimano STI shifter/brake levers without interfering in any way. The Road Mirror fits almost all the different shift/brake combos. It goes on quickly and easily with the included tools. Just a flick of your eyes allows for a quick view behind. And, it can be attached to either the left or right side lever. Let's be careful out there.
Third Eye Barend Mirror
This mirror was invented by Malcom Brown after a friend of his died from being hit by a car. He sold it for a while under the name Safe View. Bicycle Safety, Inc. took over the marketing of it a number of years ago, and it has always been successful. This product has a 3 inch convex glass mirror with an aluminized reflective backing. This brings up the dilemma of the handlebar mirror. It is nice to have your mirror attached to your bike. You never leave home without it. The problem is that you get a very narrow field of view using a reasonably sized flat mirror at arms length. In order to have the same angle of view as all of our other mirrors, as well as the inside mirror of your car, (yes all of our mirrors have the same angle of view) your handlebar mirror would need to be 9 1/2 inches in diameter. We get the correct angle of view by making the Bar End Mirror convex. This solves the problem of angle of view but we end up with a smaller image. That is where you get the vehicles may be closer than they appear effect. But at least you see the traffic, other riders, etc.. Flat mirrors give a life size view, just like stopping, turning around and looking. Given a straight road, you can see another bicycle two miles behind you with any of our other mirrors.
CycleAware Reflex Helmet Mirror
- The ultimate flexible helmet mirror - Custom fit and flexibility allows for the best view angle - Built with safety in mind with no glass, exposed wire or sharp edges - Compatible with all type of helmets
CycleAware Roadie Bar End Mirror
- Sleek, aerodynamic and extremely adjustable - Offers a wide field of view - Installs in seconds
Mirrycle LTD Mirrycle Mirror (Bontrager Isozone)
The LTD Mirrycle Mirror quickly attaches to Bontrager Isozone handlebars using the supplied wrench. It has a convex mirror for a wide field of view to help you clearly see approaching traffic. And the mirror easily adjusts to your optimum viewing angle.
CycleAware Urbie Bar End Mirror
- The ultimate flat handlebar mirror - Versatile and durable with a wide angle of adjustment that can be flipped down and out of the way - Installs in seconds, comes fully assembled
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